Brew your best coffee: The importance of filtering your tapwater

Brew your best coffee: The importance of filtering your tapwater

The allure of coffee lies in its intricate blend of flavours, where every element has its part. Beans and brewing methods might be the stars, but the nuances of water — its cleanliness and mineral balance — significantly change the result. As you enjoy your next cup, remember: the quality and composition of water are not mere afterthoughts; they are central to achieving that perfect brew. 

The intricacies of beans and brewing methods are precise for the dedicated coffee enthusiast. Yet, water plays a pivotal role, especially when purified through meticulous filtration to remove contaminants; AquaTru's advanced filtration does not just elevate the quality of every brew and brings out the essence of each bean and roast profile, imparting distinct flavours. We will showcase the unparalleled benefits of using impeccably filtered water to craft your favourite beverage. 

Water contaminants and their effects on taste 

While health risks are often the primary concern with water contaminants, your coffee's flavour profile can be just as affected. According to a study published in the British Medical Bulletin, several contaminants can both pose health concerns and significantly disrupt the taste of your drinking water and, by extension, your coffee: 

  • Nuisance chemicals from various species: some microorganisms release nuisance chemicals that influence water's taste and odour and can also interfere with treatment. Their impact on taste is as significant as their health risks. 
  • Discoloration and chlorine tastes: in some regions, individuals have rejected microbially safe public water supplies because of issues with discoloration and the taste of chlorine. This has led them to seek alternative sources, like local supplies or bottled water, which might be pricier and even less microbiologically satisfactory. 
  • Residues from water treatment: Without the proper optimization of water treatment processes, residues of the chemicals used can linger. These residues can lead to sediments in water pipes, affecting the taste. 
  • Contamination during water distribution: Materials such as iron can corrode, releasing iron oxides into the water. External pollutants might also penetrate the distribution system, impacting taste. 

The presence of these contaminants highlights the importance of an effective filtration system. For the best tasting coffee, pure water is essential. However, filtration systems vary widely in their effectiveness. While many predominantly use activated carbon to tackle basic impurities such as chloride, they might not sufficiently enhance the broader water quality. 

The distinction of AquaTru filtration 

AquaTru elevates the filtration process by combining the prowess of the industry's finest carbon filters with an added stage - the Reverse Osmosis filter. This synergy ensures even the most stubborn contaminants, including fluoride, are eradicated. But AquaTru is not just about superior technology. Its commitment to excellence is certified by IAPMO, having met the rigorous NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, 58, and 401. Thus, with AquaTru, up to 99% of harmful substances are removed from your water, promising an uncompromised coffee experience. 

Moreover, AquaTru prioritises user convenience in its design. Engineered for simple installation, usage, and upkeep, it guarantees not just superior water quality but also a seamless experience. 

The mineral balancing act 

When brewing coffee, water's role is not just as a solvent. Its mineral content, especially calcium and magnesium, can significantly influence coffee's flavour profile: 

  • Magnesium enhances the extraction of coffee compounds tied to flavour. As per Coffee Science, magnesium extracts acidic flavours, leading to a brighter, tangier coffee. A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry also suggests that magnesium-rich water is most suitable for extracting most coffee constituents. Furthermore, magnesium prevents scale formation in coffee machines. 
  • Calcium extracts bittersweet flavours. Calcium-rich water gives coffee a fuller body, highlighting chocolatey or nutty notes. Both calcium and magnesium are comparable in achieving a balanced flavour in lighter roast coffee. 

Minerals can enhance flavours, but an imbalance could be better. Too much can cause bitterness, while soft water, lacking minerals, can make coffee taste flat. 

While moderating mineral excess is important, wholly demineralised water is not the coffee connoisseur's first choice. This sets the stage for remineralisation, the nuanced process of reintroducing essential minerals, ensuring every cup of coffee reaches its flavour potential. 

Remineralisation: achieving the perfect brew 

Many coffee lovers choose filtered water, but the best brew combines clear water with the right minerals. While detailed research on remineralisation and coffee is limited, this process is essential for crafting the ideal cup. 

For instance, consider the process used by AquaTru. The pH + Mineral Boost Alkaline Carbon filter introduces essential minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium into the water. The filter ensures a balanced pH, beneficial for both health and taste. On the other hand, there are options like Perfect Minerals, derived from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These concentrated drops reintroduce a spectrum of ionic minerals and trace elements into the water, subtly adjusting its pH and enhancing its mineral profile. 

Both methods, whether through a filter or added drops, emphasize the importance of balanced, mineral-rich water in coffee brewing. The key is to strike that ideal balance, ensuring your brew is neither too flat nor excessively bitter. 

Achieving the perfect cup of coffee is more than just having quality beans and the right brewing technique. The balance between water purity and mineral content is key. With AquaTru, you get a filtration system that delivers on both fronts. Emphasising water quality, we ensure your coffee reaches its full potential with every brew. 

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