'My food is served with the best possible water!'

'My food is served with the best possible water!'

Jamie, age 29, spent a significant portion of her childhood in the Netherlands with a Dutch mother and British father. When she moved to London for work, she quickly noticed something peculiar: "I had visited the UK a few times before to see my dad's family, but it wasn't until I lived here that I realised just how different the tap water was!"

Private chef

"I was employed as a private chef for a family, which is why I moved to the UK. Since I was fluent in both Dutch and English, having grown up speaking both languages with my parents, it was a great opportunity. I knew both cultures well, so there wasn't much that surprised me. That was, until I started cooking. At both my own home and the home of the family where I worked, I noticed a difference in the water. It may seem small, but as a chef, you know that such things can really affect the end result of your cooking or even something as simple as the taste of your cup of tea."


"I started investigating the quality of water in the UK. What caused it to have that distinct taste? Was I just being silly or was there really a difference? After conducting some research, I discovered that many chemicals are not filtered and make it to your tap along with lime and chloride. I was surprised to learn how contaminated the water we drink and cook with really was! Then I wondered, what could be a solution for my own home as well as for the family I cooked for? I did my research and found AquaTru, which claimed to eliminate 99% of water toxins with a four-stage filtration process. That sounded promising!"

Making the change

"First, I purchased the AquaTru filter for myself to test it for a few months. And I was thrilled! The water tasted better, but it also made me feel healthier when drinking it. Knowing that the water I consumed was pure, I began drinking much more water. After three months, I spoke with the family I worked for and shared the benefits I had experienced. They did not hesitate to make the switch. I now enjoy cooking in their kitchen even more, confident that I am preparing food with the best possible water!"
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